CM70 PTZ series

The CM70 includes a rich set of features normally only found on broadcast cameras. Features like a user-adjustable color matrix, Tally Light and SRT streaming.

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Avonic PTZ CM70-IP series

You are in control

CON300-IP PTZ camera controller over IP and serial. One controller that can control up to 255 cameras. A hybrid solution for new and existing installations.

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Avonic PTZ controller with joystick

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Avonic CM70 series now shipping

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Avonic PTZ simplyfying technology

Pan, tilt & zoom your way to exceptional AV production quality with our dynamic range of PTZ cameras

At Avonic, we combine industry-leading innovation with exceptional product quality and ease of use, so you can focus on delivering content rather than complex technical setup. Our permanently installed, single-wire cameras ensure that whatever the nature of your function – educational seminars, business meetings, religious events – you can record with the highest quality for remote access, distribution to a wider audience, or simple archiving and review.


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