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Avonic and Arbor Media have been partners for many years and have worked on many projects together, from the Dutch Parliament to the European Union and many councils in the Netherlands. AVONIC and ARBOR deliver a high-quality solution consisting of ARBOR’s easy-to-use video recording and streaming software together with Avonic PTZ cameras and various hardware conferencing systems. 

Seamless integration with LOG DEPOT, CONNECTED VIEWS AND CMEETS.

Arbor offers products and solutions for managing, recording and distributing audio and video solutions for a diverse customer base. We have provided efficient, user-friendly, state-of-the-art solutions to parliaments, courtrooms, broadcast stations and other professional organizations. ARBOR MEDIA empower engagement at every step of your journey.

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-Simple and sophisticated.
-All in one or multi-server, catered to your unique needs.
-Effortless audio & video usage.
-Fast and high-quality performance.
-Live streaming & videos on demand.
-Engage your audience instantly.
-Share content with our intuitive publishing feature.
-Connect with your audience in real-time, fostering meaningful interaction.


-Reliable & secure, compliant 24/7 recording
-High-definition quality in audio and video.
-Search, rewind and export metadata.
-Automatic start/stop streaming and/or recording from the conference system.
-Cost-effective, innovative and easy-to-use product.
-Remote management via web interface.


-Manage meetings conveniently from a single, user-friendly interface.
-Adapt seamlessly from your PC, laptop or tablet.
-Flexible and effortless efficiency.

Do you want to know more about our integration with Arbor Media? Can’t wait to get started?

Our integration with Arbor Media has found its way to the market in many places. We are very happy to tell you more about what we have to offer. We sell our products worldwide through (local) AV integrators, so we’re sure we can help you as well. 


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