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Integrator Conference Systems from Romania recently created a professional setup inside Hyperion High School which is also based in Romania. The high school was looking for a hybrid solution in order to meet the Covid-19 restrictions and found the right partner in Conference Systems. The setup needed to give a natural experience for the students and should be able to cope with challenging light conditions since they were changing during the day.

What setup is being used?

For this setup Conference Systems used the following Avonic products:

One pair of classrooms is setup with CM-70-IP-B – USB out to videoconference platform combined with an audio capture solution and a 50” Monitor for video return from video conference for the teacher. In order to cope with social distancing for the students the counterpart classroom has a CM22-VCU with the correspondent laptop for video conference. Before October 20th the setup was being used for hybrid classrooms.. After the 20th of October education has become completely online which of course is no problem for the setup Conference Systems has created.

Product references

The full system is now used as a standalone solution – 10 Classroom’s used by the teachers to transmit and interact with each class divided into two series. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. For controlling the CM70-IP-B they have installed a monitoring room for all the cameras to a single local IP infrastructure in order to switch the camera preposition from the teachers to the blackboard and an overview position.

Combined with BlueJeans Meetings which complies with the audio/video setup and security requirements. The only platform that is using Dolby audio. In this case providing the best experience from teacher to its students and the other way around.

“The client is very satisfied with the outcome and specially with the image quality taking into consideration that we could not install supplementary light kit and the lighting conditions are constantly changing during the day.

Quote: Conference Systems Romania

The future of hybrid classrooms

With this setup Hyperion High School is ready to cope with the restrictions that apply due to Covid-19. The world of education is changing fast. Online courses already took place but since February 2020 the demand for both PTZ and video conference cameras increased immensely. Online classes and hybrid classrooms are the future. With hybrid you have one part participating offline and the other one online. In case of the Hyperion High School they had a different hybrid classroom with two classrooms next to each other in order to maintain social distancing. People need to feel included. Whether it’s in education or any other market.

Bringing the, as we like to call it, “TV-like experience” is becoming the new standard. A teacher giving class to both students who are physically attending and in the back of the room screens that show those who are participating from home. Getting the teacher to interact with both audiences and also the students to feel involved is the challenge of todays installations.

Want to learn more about hybrid classrooms?

If you would like to receive more information about this hybrid classroom setting our integrator Conference Systems has realised you can contact our sales department through Click here if you would like to read more about the use of PTZ cameras in education.

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