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When it comes to AV installations, few events can rival the complexity of G20 meetings. Avonic, a leading provider of professional audiovisual solutions, has once again had the privilege of supplying its state-of-the-art PTZ cameras for the prestigious G20 working group meetings. In collaboration with their technology partner Bosch and Congress Rental Indonesia, Avonic played a crucial role in facilitating seamless communication and capturing every crucial moment during the third G20 working group session on the “Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion” under the Indian Presidency. Let’s delve into how Avonic’s PTZ cameras helped ensure the success of this highly significant event.

At the heart of any successful conference or meeting lies effective communication. Avonic understands this, and their PTZ cameras have become a staple at the G20 meetings, enabling clear and reliable video transmission. During the “Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion” working group session, Congress Rental Indonesia employed an impressive setup of 40 Bosch Dicentis conference microphones and six Avonic PTZ cameras. This meticulously planned arrangement ensured that all participants could be heard and seen, fostering a productive and inclusive environment for discussions.

Witnessing their cameras in action at such crucial events fills Avonic with pride. With exceptional image quality and smooth pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, Avonic’s PTZ cameras offer an immersive experience for remote participants and provide organizers with the tools they need to capture and convey the essence of these significant meetings.

Avonic’s participation in the G20 meetings is a testament to its position as a trusted supplier of professional AV solutions. As the world continues to embrace digital communication, Avonic remains at the forefront, empowering organizers and participants to engage in productive and impactful discussions. Through their continued commitment to excellence, Avonic sets the stage for the future of AV technology in global conferences and meetings.

Special thanks to Congress Rental Indonesia and Bosch.

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