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Dante AV-H

Dante AV offers a cost-effective solution by seamlessly integrating with existing 1Gbps network gear, eliminating the need for infrastructure changes. Avonic’s CM93’s best-in-class low latency over IP combined with Dante AV-H instantly opens up limitless possibilities, guaranteeing compatibility with all of Dante AV-H-enabled devices and services. Its unified control interface through Dante Controller simplifies the management of camera, audio, and video functions.

This versatile system finds, within the Dante ecosystem, applications in

  • Video Conferencing and Large conferencing
  • Corporate meetings
  • Education
  • House of Worship

Avonic’s Dante AV-H enabled cameras

What are the key benefits of integrating the CM93 Dante AV-H

What exactly is Dante and how does it work?

AV systems traditionally relied on direct physical connections between devices, necessitating numerous specialized cables that dictate the flow of audio and video signals. This setup is laborious to modify and prone to signal degradation over longer distances. Dante revolutionizes this by utilizing a computer network to transmit video or hundreds of audio channels effortlessly over slim Ethernet cables with pristine digital fidelity. All connections are managed via software, ensuring fast, readable, and reliable routing. Since all devices share the same network, signals can traverse between any devices on-site without altering the wiring. Expanding Dante systems is as simple as adding a printer to a network—just connect additional devices to any available network jack. Dante represents the evolution of AV systems, consolidating all previous connection types into one, offering vastly superior performance, and simplifying deployment and expansion while reducing costs.

What is the difference between NDI®| HX & Dante?

Although they are two distinct protocols for transmitting video over IP, they employ different approaches to manage their respective ecosystems. Both utilize the same H.264/H.265 encoded stream from the camera, with no difference in latency compared to standard RTSP output. The choice between the two largely depends on whether one predominantly uses other Dante or NDI capable devices. Presently, there’s more broadcast-oriented equipment available within the NDI ecosystem and more building infrastructure equipment in the Dante ecosystem. This distinction stems from the origins of both protocols; NDI was developed by Newtek, a broadcast-oriented company, while DANTE AV-H comes from Audinate, which has a large client base in fixed installations with the original Dante audio over IP solutions. However, both technologies are starting to overlap more in each other’s core markets.

Is it possible to use NDI®| HX & Dante at once on the camera?

The CM93-DAV and CM93-NDI are two different PTZ camera models, each equipped with its respective platform. While technically feasible, integrating both ecosystems into one camera doesn’t make practical sense. You choose your camera based on the ecosystem you already (plan to) use and the existing workflow

When should you use a Dante camera?

Dante cameras are ideal when the rest of your infrastructure is based on the Dante AV ecosystem. Dante ensures strict audio and video synchronization and is highly scalable. Dante AV-H can provide reliable high-quality audio and video signals in broadcast applications and conferencing solutions with seamless integration into the existing Dante infrastructure.

What types of devices typically support Dante integration?

While there are many examples, a selection of Dante-enabled devices includes PTZ cameras, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, DSPs, Conference Systems, AV decoders, media servers, and more. Dante offers a comprehensive ecosystem with diverse endpoints, providing a complete integrated solution.

What are the advantages of choosing CM93 Dante over other audio networking solutions?

Like all Avonic PTZ cameras, the CM93 delivers lightning-fast IP performance and unparalleled image quality within its class. The CM93-DAV excels in any setting within the Dante environment, whether it’s a house of worship, a classroom, a broadcast studio, or a large conferencing venue, thanks to its 4K60 capabilities. In any case, you will receive nothing short of excellent performance. As with all Avonic products, our top-notch support team stands ready to provide specific information or assistance.

When will the CM93 Dante AV-H be released?

At Avonic, the CM93 Dante AV-H camera supporting Dante in both black and white colors is currently available, in stock, and ready to ship!

Great flexibility & scale for limited bandwidth

The Avonic Dante AV-H Cameras and Dante Video Switcher Control over IP system constitute an advanced audio and video setup over IP. The Avonic Dante AV-H camera seamlessly integrates with more than 2000 existing Dante-enabled products, ensuring immediate compatibility.

Technical Setup with Dante & Avonic

The Markets


Bring in room video directly into UC applications like Teams or Zoom from Avonic’s Dante AV-H enabled cameras using Dante Studio software or Dante AV-H decoders. Audio can be integrated with Dante Virtual Soundcard software running on the in-room PC or Dante to USB devices for BYOD scenarios.

Higher Education

With Dante audio already commonplace in today’s classrooms, Dante AV-H simplifies designs so audio and video are on a single platform and all devices can be managed and supported remotely. Video from Avonic’s Dante AV-H enabled cameras can be brought into CMS platforms like Panopto or Kaltura or UC software for Hybrid learning using Dante Studio software or Dante AV-H decoders.

Large Conferencing

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Check out our Avonic CM93 product page!

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Avonic’s Dante AV-H Cameras and Dante Video Switcher Control over IP system offer remarkable flexibility and scalability, particularly in environments with limited bandwidth. This audio and video setup over IP system ensures seamless compatibility with over 2000 existing Dante-enabled products, facilitating effortless installations and providing peace of mind for installers.

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