Avonic’s Consistent Latency Testing

Avonic has developed a reliable testing procedure that accurately measures latency across HDMI, SDI, and IP. Determining latency over IP is complex, considering the variables in the signal chain. Avonic’s testing procedure is reproducible and requires the right equipment, empowering knowledgeable individuals to obtain consistent results.

Avonic Cameras: Epitome of Speed over IP

There is a debate surrounding whether mounting a camera upside-down introduces latency. While other brands may experience latency due to image processing, Avonic’s cameras handle upside-down flipping seamlessly, without any latency implications.

Unlock the Full Latency Report: Strengthen Your Tenders with Data

With their impressive IP latencies and the ability to handle upside-down mounting without latency, Avonic empowers integrators and professionals to make informed decisions. By downloading the full latency report, you can showcase Avonic’s superior camera performance and enhance the success of your projects.

Download the test report

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