Avonic’s stock keeps your business rock!

High Stock at Avonic

When Covid-19 hit, the demand for cameras went through the roof. Not only cameras, every part of the AV ecosystem was affected. Despite the fact we were also facing challenges like a chip shortage we still managed to meet the high demand. Providing the answer to many Pro-AV requests by sometimes shipping out even the same day. Make sure that our PTZ & Video conference cameras – and of course our controllers and accessories – are not the reason for you not to drive any sales! Holiday season is over, it’s time to get in action!

Want to request more information or like to have a product demo?

Our sales team is ready for every type of request related to our Avonic product range. If you would like to receive pricing, currently available units per SKU or a demo that shows the great quality of our Avonic cameras, please contact sales@avonic.com and we get back to you as soon as we can.

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