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Enhanced Conferencing with BOSCH DICENTIS and Avonic’s CM93 tracking

Introducing the DICENTIS Conference System: Setting a new standard in conferencing excellence. With its unparalleled performance, future-proof technology, top-notch security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, DICENTIS stands out as the ultimate choice for your conferencing needs. Experience seamless, latency-free audio across 100 languages, supported by standardized IP technology and robust encryption. Tailored solutions ensure adaptability to your requirements, while remote maintenance options help minimize expenses. Choose DICENTIS for a conferencing experience that exceeds expectations.

Avonic’s CM93 tracking

Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, the Single Camera Tracking solution for the Avonic CM93 takes your tracking experience to new heights. No more manual adjustments. Once the additional tracking feature (AV-LC90-1) is enabled on our CM93 camera, it effortlessly and autonomously tracks your presenter’s every move with unparalleled precision. Every intricate detail is captured seamlessly, providing you with the utmost convenience and accuracy during lectures, video recordings, or engaging with your audience.

Fixed Preset
Can loose the delegate if he/she moves.

CM93 Tracking Preset
Follows the delegate’s every movement.

What are the key benefits of integrating the tracking CM93 in the DICENTIS Conferencing system

Within the DICENTIS Conferencing Systems, the Avonic cameras are the fastest in the market in switching from one preset to another. This is still the case with the CM93, however if the tracking is activated, the delegate is not only in the preset frame, but it will also follow the delegate if he/she moves, stands up, confers with his/her neighbour or otherwise changes position.

Is this Plug & Play?

Yes, basically. You need to have the tracking license of the Avonic CM93 and the firmware needs to be updated to the latest version of July 2024. Enable the conference tracking mode in the camera and the tracking feature takes care of the rest.

Seamless integration with Avonic Tracking

Building on true world-class expertise, BOSCH has led the conference market for over 70 years. It was the first company to introduce a fully digital conference system more than 25 years ago. Bosch has its conferencing HQ in Eindhoven The Netherlands. The technical team at Avonic and BOSCH worked together to validate and thoroughly test the CM40-IP, CM70-series and CM93 in combination with the BOSCH CCS 1000 D DICENTIS and DICENTIS Wireless systems from Bosch. This means that Avonic cameras can now be used in combination with these systems.

They can now be fully integrated within the BOSCH software and central equipment for:

• Live streaming to the participating devices
• PTZ manual camera control and full automatic camera control (recalling presets)
• Auto detection of Avonic cameras within the software and central equipment
• Full Camera configuration

Technical Setup with BOSCH discussion or multimedia devices

The Markets

With over ten years of experience in the Pro-AV field, Avonic is a leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras. We’ve brought unique, high-quality audio-visual capture solutions to many hundreds of different applications. Just like our technology partner BOSCH we are based in The Netherlands. We set ourselves apart by developing products marked by their pristine image quality, outstanding reliability, ease of integration and affordability. Together with BOSCH we specialize in the provision of PTZ cameras for markets like city councils, regional councils, parliaments, non-governmental organization, court houses, commercial buildings, banking, rentals, convention centers, congress hotels etc. Images by courtesy of BOSCH Security Systems

Business Center
Convention Center
City Council
Town Hall

Download Solution Paper

A fully seamless integration between BOSCH conference systems and Avonic cameras enabling easy installs and peace of mind for installers. Together, the Avonic cameras and Bosch conference system detect the active speaker, control the cameras and automatically switch between multiple cameras.

Download the PDF solution paper

Do you want to know more about our integration with BOSCH? Can’t wait to get started?

Our integration with Bosch has found its way to the market in many places. We are very happy to tell you more about what we have to offer. We sell our products all around the world through (local) AV integrators, so we’re sure we can help you as well. 

Compatible cameras

Cameras with Conference tracking

Cameras without Conference tracking


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