Education | University of Tilburg

Founded in 1927 as a Roman Catholic Commercial High School, the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) has grown almost 100 years later into a thriving medium-sized multidisciplinary university focused on humanities and social sciences. The university educates 20.000 students yearly and offers 73 different Bachelor’s and Master’s educations (of which 43 are in English). Their core values are Curious, Caring, Connected, and Courageous.

The University of Tilburg’s challenge was finding an accurate tracking system that still provided quality zoom images over a larger area. After testing several systems over a longer period of time, the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker was found best-in-class. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker was installed in two large auditoria. The cameras are hanging upside down on the ceiling at the back of the auditorium.

Reasons for selecting the CamDirector Teacher Tracker:
– Excellent image quality over a larger area of more than 25m distance
– Smooth tracking of the teacher and switching to an overview
– Quick and easy installation

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