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DRU Cultuurfabriek Avonic Conferencing

Avonic demonstrates how its PTZ and AV control systems are able to support the cultural activities of end users – in projects both big and small

Avonic – through integrator partners Inter – have yet again demonstrated the versatility and scalability of their products through a new camera installation at the DRU Cultuurfabriek, a cultural centre in the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek, in the Netherlands.

Product references

The DRU Cultuurfabriek – located in the beautiful old ironworks of Ulft, which is now a protected monument complete with water tower – is a central meeting place for cultural and creative activities. There is a council chamber, along with theatre hall, pop venue, grand café, library, music school, archaeological association and Turkish cultural centre. With 250,000 visitors, it is a key cultural resource to its municipality.

One of its key functions is public meetings, but the DRU recognized that not everybody has the capacity to attend these meetings live. In pursuit of transparency, openness, democracy and cultural access, the DRU Cultuurfabriek recognized that there was a need to be able to broadcast these proceedings to those within the municipality, and further afield. By using Avonic CM40 HD PTZ cameras, viewers enjoy optimum image quality and thus feel more directly involved in the proceedings.

Key to Inter’s installation solution was the need for a product that had high levels of third-party interoperability: specifically, with the VMix software for live registration. By using the VMix software and an Avonic CON300 PTZ controller with a number of Avonic CM40 HD PTZ cameras in an SDI setup with serial control, Inter were able to deliver a system that gave the video director easy command, allowing for a quick selection of presets, easy switching, and the provision of appropriate titles.

The DRU Cultuurfabriek project was small in scale, but very specific – needing fantastic quality images to create a sense of involvement in the viewer, but easy use and interoperability for the video director. And as the DRU constitute a customer who have high levels of accountability to the public in relation to their spending, it was vital that Inter’s solution was cost-effective.  

As such, Avonic cameras and controllers are a go-to production choice for cases like this. The nature of Avonic’s products means that the company is often involved in key cultural and education projects: these kind of institutions are constantly producing important content that needs to be shared with a much wider, remote audience.

“A number of high-profile and prestigious institutions – and commercial businesses – make use of our products. But that doesn’t mean that cultural institutions seeking to implement smaller installation projects should feel that they don’t have a chance to access exceptional AV capture equipment. More modest operations are just as deserving of high quality production capabilities, even if their audiences might be smaller”. said Walter Harrewijn, Managing director of Avonic. “That idea is key to the Avonic philosophy. We develop products that have remarkable technical qualities, but which can be applied in scalable systems – from one camera to hundreds, integrated with complex multi-party systems or straightforward single vendor solutions, at a price point which is still affordable to clients such as those of the city council of Oude IJsselstreek.”.

 “We are proud to be able to support the cultural and educational activities of our end-users, in projects both big and small”. Harrewijn concluded.

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