CRN meeting Seoul

In a testament to Avonic’s commitment to delivering top-quality audiovisual solutions, we were recently invited to participate in the prestigious Asia Pacific meeting of the Congress Rental Network. This global network comprises leading companies equipped with the latest Bosch congress equipment for hire. With its responsibility for organizing and facilitating high-profile events such as NATO meetings, G20, and G7 summits, the Congress Rental Network sets a high standard for its members. Avonic takes immense pride in the fact that their PTZ cameras have been consistently chosen for such important gatherings, and the company’s participation in the Asia Pacific meeting further solidified our reputation as a trusted provider of cutting-edge AV technology.

One prime example of the Congress Rental Network’s exceptional capabilities can be seen through the achievements of Congress Rental Australia. This Australian member company was responsible for the AV installation at the 2022 G20 Bali summit. Their dedication and expertise were evident in the flawless execution of this high-stakes event. Congress Rental Australia’s outstanding work not only showcased their technical proficiency but also highlighted Avonic’s contribution. Avonic’s PTZ cameras, known for their superior quality and performance, were chosen to capture critical moments during the summit. The successful collaboration between Congress Rental Australia and Avonic proved to be an excellent endorsement of both companies’ capabilities.

As a trusted supplier of PTZ cameras, Avonic has been consistently selected to provide AV solutions for high-profile events organized by the Congress Rental Network. Avonic’s participation in the Asia Pacific meeting further solidifies our position as a preferred provider of audiovisual technology. As Avonic continues to innovate and deliver top-quality products, we remain committed to providing the best audiovisual experiences for events of global significance.

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