Teacher Tracker

AI Multi-Camera Tracking Software

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is AI software that tracks the teacher with PTZ cameras resulting in an automatic multi-camera registration of lectures. The software is trained to detect a single speaker in a room with students. When the speaker is found, a mix of close-up shots and overview shots are presented on the output. In any other case, an overview shot is presented.

Reliable tracking

By using the power of two cameras, the system offers an unprecedented reliability. Tracking takes place in both the overview and follow camera.


  • Autonomously finds the teacher
  • Reliable tracking with 2 cameras
  • Switches between overview and close-up shot
  • Add additional cameras for preset switching
  • Configured in 15 minutes

Autonomous Tracking

The system runs automatically when a lecture starts and finds the teacher when he walks in. The live video output autonomously switches between overview shots of the classroom and close-ups of the teacher, depending on his movement.

Pleasant to watch

The smooth camera movements, variety of camera angles, and dynamic switching between
the two cameras makes for an engaging viewing

Preset switcher with multiple cameras

The teacher or room operator has the option to visually select a preset, e.g. a demonstration, blackboard or the audience. The AI takes care of the camera movement and video switching.

Configured in 15 minutes

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker simplifies large deployments. The one-time installation is quick and easy.

Privacy proof

No video data is stored, all data stays within the room.

Check out the Teacher Tracker in action



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