Dual-Cam Tracking

Use the Teacher Tracker AI Software to track & switch automatically in classrooms up to 55m. For more demanding installations, we have the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker, which provides a dual-camera tracking solution. Utilizing two cameras offers several advantages, for large auditoria or presentations on stage.

CamDirector® Teacher Tracker

Avonic’s CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is a unique tracking solution that creates automatic multi camera video registrations of lectures. It can automatically find the teacher in a room with students and provides elegant close-ups of the teacher, even in large lecture halls and auditoriums. The live video output automatically switches between overview shots of the classroom and close-ups of the teacher. With the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker Software Avonic sets the new standard for automated lecture recordings.

Check out the Teacher Tracker video

Consistent & Accurate tracking

By harnessing the strength of the two-camera approach, the CamDirector® provides an accurate and consistent tracking solution.

Every An ever-evolving AI solution

Avonic’s patented machine learning algorithms let the teacher tracker improve over time by learning from every lecture it records. Over-the-air updates allow the software to keep evolving.

Track & Switch TV-like experience

Creating an automatic mix of overview shots and close-ups, the output of the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is for everyone pleasant to watch. The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker follows the teacher’s movement in a calm and natural way and alternates these images with overview shots giving the viewer the experience of being part of the audience in the room

Privacy Guaranteed

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is built around privacy. All image processing is done
locally without the need to be connected to the internet. We give you the tools to set
privacy settings according to your own standards.

From small classrooms to large auditoria

Perfect tracking in every environment. A solution for every educational institution, a reliable system that can run for years and tracking distance from 3 to 55 meters.

Documentation, Support and More

Visit the CamDirector customer portal for manuals, support, and more or click on the below products for more information.


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