Avonic offers a complete range of tracking solutions tailored for the education market, ranging from single-camera setups to multi-camera systems

Avonic offers versatile options to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. This page takes you through the features and benefits of Avonic’s tracking solutions, highlighting their capabilities in capturing high-quality video, optimizing classroom viewing experiences, and simplifying system management. By implementing Avonic’s tracking solutions, educators and institutions can elevate classroom engagement, improve teaching efficiency, and enhance the overall learning experience.

Single-Cam Tracking

CM93 PTZ camera Tracking with 4K60

Avonic’s CM93 model serves as an exemplary single-camera tracking solution, offering high-quality video capabilities up to 4K60. This tracking solution is very effective in capturing dynamic classroom activities from a single-camera perspective.

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Dual-Cam Tracking

Use the Teacher Tracker AI Software to track & switch automatically in classrooms up to 55m. For more demanding installations, we have the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker, which provides a dual-camera tracking solution. Utilizing two cameras offers several advantages

Classrooms of up to 55 meters

Firstly, we can cover classrooms of up to 55 meters by utilizing the full 30x zoom range of our cameras. This ensures that we have a clear view of all stage activities and enables us to respond accordingly. For instance, if a second teacher joins the stage, we seamlessly switch to the overview camera, ensuring that students don’t miss any important details.

Prioritizing viewing experience

In situations where a teacher is running between whiteboards, we prioritize the students’ viewing experience. Instead of frantically trying to track the teacher, we deliberately limit the speed of the follow camera to maintain a pleasant watching experience. If the teacher moves out of the follow camera’s frame, we simply switch back to the overview camera until the teacher slows down. This approach balances capturing the teacher’s actions while ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for students.


One key aspect of the CamDirector® is its user-friendly nature for teachers, universities, and integrators:

The teacher does not need to interact with the system; they can simply enter the room and focus on their teaching responsibilities. Teachers should not be bothered by technology. The CamDirector® operates entirely on AI, recognizing the teacher and autonomously performing its tasks.

The installation process for integrators is also streamlined, requiring simple CATx cabling to connect the cameras in the room. There are no intricate setups involved; they only need to add the camera’s IP addresses in the CamDirector® and perform a quick three-minute calibration.

Similarly, universities AV technicians do not need to engage in complex setup procedures, such as mapping the room or defining multiple zones. With one straightforward setting, they can enable or disable the Teacher Tracker functionality

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Multi-Cam Switching

Use the MultiShot AI Software to switch & control up to 8 cameras. The CamDirector® MultiShot software module extends the capabilities of the Teacher Tracker or can function as a standalone IP video switcher with added intelligence.

CamDirector® MultiShot

It extends the capabilities of the TeacherTracker or can function as a standalone IP video switcher with added intelligence.  With the ability to connect up to eight cameras in a single room, the MultiShot intelligently controls the cameras, ensuring they are in the correct position before switching the video output. This eliminates the need to view footage from a moving camera on the output. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive API over HTTP or TCP. By combining it with a DSP to send relevant commands to the MultiShot based on activated microphones, the system can be fully automated.

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Case Studies

We are proud of every case study we’ve realized with our partners. Small projects that help children to still get educated at their primary school with the help of distance learning solutions till leading universities that teach thousands of students throughout the world with the help of Avonic products. We strive to create the best learning experience for educational institutions for them to provide to their students and for students to experience by combining our products with those of our Technology Partners.

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