PTZ Cameras in Education

The smart classroom is here to stay; students are tech-savvy and classrooms are equipped with e-whiteboards, individual student tablets and fully interactive, collaborative software solutions. Technology has become a vital component in learning.

PTZ cameras have an incredible benefit within this setting too. Every educational section can now be recorded and distributed to students remotely – increasing the capacity of the educational institution, enhancing their image, making their reach truly global, and create the potential for the commercial use of their content. However, people don’t pay for content which is difficult to hear and difficult to follow. Remote learners need to feel like they are in the classroom with the lecturer.

That’s where Avonic comes in. With the exceptional audio and visual capture quality that is implemented across the full range of our PTZ cameras, we ensure that remote-access students gain a full interactive learning experience.

Case studies

We are proud of every case study we’ve realized with our partners. Small projects that help children to still get educated at their primary school with the help of distance learning solutions till leading universities that teach thousands of students throughout the world with the help of Avonic products. We strive to create the best learning experience for educational institutions for them to provide to their students and for students to experience by combining our products with those of our Technology Partners.

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CM70 PTZ Cameras include a rich feature set usually found on broadcast-grade equipment, including HD-SDI, a user-adjustable colour matrix and SRT streaming. The sensor delivers Full HD 1080p60 resolution.

The range offers 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom available in black and white. Boasting new features such as Low latency IP with optimized RTSP Speed, Unicast TS mode and High-Speed Pan/Tilt mode it is the ideal integration camera suitable for any AV project. 

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