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Proudly enabled by @ProAV, at the Academie van Franeker, where the pursuit of knowledge meets cutting-edge technology. In a bid to enhance the learning experience, the Academie has embarked on an ambitious project to introduce recording capabilities to the renowned René Descartes Lecture Hall. By harnessing the power of Avonic PTZ cameras equipped with sophisticated tracking functionality, the Academie is poised to revolutionize the way lectures are captured and disseminated.

Tracking camera
For the recordings, one Avonic ‘PTZ’ camera is used, which is equipped with a so-called ‘tracking’ functionality. This means that the camera follows the speaker automatically. Apart from possibly displaying a presentation on the screen, there are no other positions in the room that need to be captured. To prevent the image from becoming static, the camera can track the movements of the speaker. In addition to the camera feed, it is also possible to include the images displayed on the presentation screen in the recording/live stream.

User friendly
For controlling the installation, a control panel has been created on a tablet. Using this control panel, you can switch between the camera and the presentation screen. Additionally, you can also enable/disable the ‘tracking function’ from here. Once the ‘tracking’ is enabled, the camera will automatically follow the first person who appears on the screen (the speaker). It is also possible to start/stop the recording, as well as easily initiate/terminate a live stream in the same manner.

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