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Avonic collabs with Esports company Gamers First

Esports is big. Really big. That’s why Avonic is thrilled to announce their new collaboration with Dutch Esports company Gamers First. Avonic’s PTZ cameras are being used in a broadcast setting for their Inside Esports studio located inside Europe’s biggest Esports campus called H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam.

Who are Gamers First?

Gamers First is a full-service Esports production company specialised in Broadcast production activation and Tournament Ooperation. They are known for not only the production but also inventing new gaming formats for Esports. Media professional Joost Roset is the company-owner and a real entrepeneur in the production scene. He was also the first to introduce PTZ cameras in Dutch Broadcast Inductry. Gamers First is the company behind Inside Esports and is focused on gamers, Essporters and millennials. Gamers First combines Esports concepts with TV/media formats.

Why choosing Avonic for their “Grandstand Esports Format”

Operating on a global scale Gamers First is based in the Netherlands, in the H20 Esports Campus. Bernard Kuiper, TV director of Gamers First, explains their choice of Avonic: “Because we love the picture quality, the company and its products for having a Dutch origin.” The broadcast setting for their format Inside Esports is where the CM71-IP-W are at their best. The precise quality and ability to perform even under challenging light conditions is key in having the best experience online and on liniair TV. It’s all about a genuine, natural experience. Jesper Buijs, Gamers First’s Head of Content elaborates: “Avonic enables detailed emotional capturing of our shoutcasters or a conversation at the analyst desk with our guests is the cherry on the pie.”

Inside Esports on Twitch and FOX Sports

Gamers First shares their concept Inside Esports live on Twitch and has a unique broadcast partnership with FOX Sports in the Netherlands, where Inside Esports can be seen live every week on FOX Sports 9. From casual gaming till gaming on professional level. Gamers First delivers the complete experience.

What setup is being used?

In our partnership we provided them with seven CM71-IP-W PTZ cameras for Inside Esports studio. Even in the dark setting they’ve used for their interview room Avonic’s PTZ cameras still do an amazing job recording and streaming the video in its most natural way.

Facts and figures Esports

In the Netherlands there are over 2 million Esports fans. On an average they game about 7 hours a week. It’s the #1 interest for young people and a yearly growth of 24% in the Dutch Esports market alone. With the production of Inside Esports they bring gamers, eSports and influencers – who are the developers of the future – together.

“In 2020, the global Esports market was valued at just over 950 million U.S. dollars. According to the source’s estimates, global Esports market revenue will reach almost 1.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.”


An investment in our own future

The guys from Gamers First had us when they said they were creating the developers of the future with their formats. With our own software development department, we know how important it is to have this amazing talent working on our products. Colleagues who always strive to get the best result for our customers. That’s why we are proud to partner up with Joost and his team from Gamers First and their partner H20 Esports Campus.

Curious how our PTZ cameras perform? Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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