Bosch supports avonic

Bosch Security supports Avonic’s CM70-series

Bosch Security is a leading manufacturer of security and safety systems being used in buildings. One of their markets is conference solutions. This market is key in their mission to redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in. Just like the PTZ cameras from Avonic the conference systems from Bosch are being used by all kinds of customers. From small huddle rooms to international summits. We are pleased that in addition to our CM40-IP camera now also the range of CM70 cameras is being supported by Bosch for three of their best-selling conference solutions.

Bosch Security supports Avonic's CM70-series

What products from Bosch support Avonic CM70 cameras?

Bosch Security has multiple options when it comes to conferencing. Recently they’ve added Avonic support for the CM70 cameras in combination with their DICENTIS Conference System, DICENTIS Wireless Conference System and their CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System. Their release notes stated that from now on they will support the following Avonic cameras: Avonic AV-CM70-IP, Avonic AV-CM71-IP, Avonic AV-CM73-IP including the one they already supported the Avonic AV-CM40-IP.

Building on true world-class expertise, Bosch has led the conference market for over 65 years. How? By permanently addressing customer needs with outstanding products, with the promise of continuing to do so for many years to come.

Source: Bosch Security website

The history of Bosch conference

Bosch is already active for over 65 years in the conference market. They were even the first to introduce a fully digitale conference system more than 20 years ago. In the past 7 years the products from Bosch Security have collected many awards. With the launch of their DICENTIS Conference solutions they’ve now introduced IP based conference solutions. A great combination with our CM70 PTZ cameras that can be controlled over IP and can stream the video over IP.

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