PTZ Camera application for Government

Public sector

Accountability is now one of the most key concepts in modern governance. The public have a right to – and increasingly demand – the ability to know who is making decisions, what decisions are being taken, and how those decisions are being made.The use of PTZ cameras in public forums helps to capture proceedings – either for …

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PTZ camera solution for lecture capture for Eduction and univeristy

Education sector

The smart classroom is here to stay; students are now tech-savvy and classrooms are equipped with e-whiteboards, individual student tablets and fully interactive, collaborative software solutions. Technology has become a vital component in learning. PTZ cameras have incredible application within this setting too. Lecture series can now be recorded and distributed to students remotely – …

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Avonic's PTZ camera solution for Broadcast

Broadcast studios

The modern broadcast studio is becoming increasingly more streamlined and agile. Improvements in camera technologies mean that the old-fashioned idea of five huge camera rigs and endless trailing wires is now completely outdated. The quality of image delivered by Avonic’s PTZ cameras is so high that they offer the perfect solution for broadcast studios which …

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Webcasting has undergone a meteoric rise in recent years, but production values for some webcasts still seem to lag behind what we might expect given the range of technologies we have at our fingertips. This is often because these technologies can be complex to use, or unreliable. That’s not the case for webcasts that make …

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Group of people attending a video conference

Video Conferencing

We’re all familiar with the idea of video conferencing – it’s been around for quite a while now. But that means that we’re also familiar with the pitfalls of video conferencing; audio only solutions are impersonal, video solutions that are too grainy – and all of them take complex setup and a multitude of wires. …

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PTZ camera for church

Places of worship

Places of worship represents cornerstones of community for a wide range of people, but in a world where we live increasingly dispersed lives, it can be difficult to keep a community of worship connected. Avonic’s PTZ offerings are key tools in response to this market’s specific needs. The broadcast of sermons and religious ceremonies can …

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