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Accountability is one of the most key concepts in modern governance. Citizens have the right to know who is making decisions, what decisions are being taken, and how those decisions are being made. The use of PTZ cameras in public forums helps to capture proceedings – either for live stream or for record keeping – so that all stakeholders can be confident that the governmental process is being conducted in a fair, accurate and transparent way.

Furthermore – just as in the commercial world – governmental activities happens increasingly remotely. Requiring optimal communication between departments and units that are often geographically disperse.

The PTZ solutions from Avonic make this kind of communication quick, easy and reliable.

CM70 10 reasons to choose Avonic

Case studies

We are proud of every case study we’ve realized with our partners. From small local government that need hybrid solutions in times of Covid-19 till large video conferencing with important leaders from all over the world. We strive to create the best conferencing experience remotely and on sight. The silent and discrete design makes Avonic’s PTZ Cameras a true asset for every setup. Combining our easy to integrate cameras with products from our Technology Partners makes Avonic a reliable partner for every (large) video conferencing situation.

Avonic with Congress Rental Network

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CM70 PTZ Cameras include a rich feature set usually found on broadcast-grade equipment, including HD-SDI, a user-adjustable colour matrix and SRT streaming. The sensor delivers Full HD 1080p60 resolution.

The range offers 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom available in black and white. Boasting new features such as Low latency IP with optimized RTSP Speed, Unicast TS mode and High-Speed Pan/Tilt mode it is the ideal integration camera suitable for any AV project. 

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