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How do PTZ cameras help online church service?

The high demand for PTZ cameras can be seen in all the markets we are active in. Sure, we are proud that our innovations contribute to a better workflow within companies, but two specific markets give us more than just a good feeling. They give us a sense of pride. We are talking about healthcare and worship of course. The increase in demand for cameras in worship made us decide to write more about how our PTZ cameras and controllers play an important role in worship today and in the near future. Church services are meant for people to be amongst each other. Together with people that have the same religion and beliefs. It’s important that this keeps continuing. Avonics’ PTZ cameras are key in making this happen.

When Covid-19 entered our world, companies were forced to switch from offline to online. Working from home became the new standard. Of course not every company is able to have every employee work from home, so video conference cameras became immensely popular in a short period of time. Online church service already took place but the way they switched from traditionally offline to online was a great development. One with an incredible positive impact for church members. Losing my religion – a song from R.E.M. – was no longer the case. There are still many markets to discover but today’s topic is online church service.

How to create a setup for church service?

Depending on the type of service a church wants to offer to their church members there is the choice of recording and/or streaming. Whereas in the past many churches were choosing for recording, nowadays live streaming church service is more popular than ever before. It’s also because of the high demand due to Covid-19. With the rules that apply church members are more or less prohibited to go to church. Every project starts with what the customer wants to achieve with the use of PTZ cameras. When that’s final, it’s time to collect the products for creating the best setup.

Which PTZ camera to choose for online Church service?

What camera to choose?

For online church service our product specialists recommend two series. The first one is the CM40 used for multiple camera setup and the combination with audio/video mixer as wel as a controller. Next to the CM40 we have the versatile CM70-IP used for direct streaming and controlling over IP. The CM70 is more expensive but also more advanced to meet not only today’s standards but also future purposes. Compared to the CM40 the CM70-IP has a balanced audio input with embedding into IP stream, SDI and HDMI outputs. Connect your sound system to this PTZ camera and you have one camera that does it all. Control the camera with common protocols: VISCA , Pelco-D/P via RS232, RS485, IP(VISCA), Onvif or IR. Supports up to 255 presets with 0.1° accuracy and High Speed Pan Tilt function.

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on an update for our CM70-series! This new update allows you to set the speed in with which the camera switches between presets. Add audio via balanced input and in many cases you now only need one single camera. Stream directly from the camera without the use of an external encoder or use the HDMI/SDI output when an encoder is needed. Connect it to Vmix, Wirecast or OBS and you’re good to go!

Daniël de Bakker, Product Specialist at Avonic
Avonic PTZ camera controller with joystick

What controller to choose?

Avonic offers two type of controllers. The CM-CON100 and the CON300-IP. Depending on the setup for church services usually the CM-CON100 is chosen because of its price-quality ratio. This compact controller allows perfect operation during church services and has the ability to install up to 255 presets. The controller supports the Visca, Pelco-D and Pelco-P protocol and can be connected with RS232/485. 

REC200 Encoder & Decoder

How to record or stream?

Streaming and/or recording can easily be done with the help of Avonic’s REC200. This standalone device gets people to start recording and/or streaming in a few simple steps. The easy to use web interface and IP control allows full integration with the CM-CON100/ CON300-IP and even third-party control systems. With the full IP control via web interface you can easily start live streaming to various platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube.

Complete the setup

During church services there can be someone playing an instrument, a choir that’s singing, lighting that highlights certain events during the church service and of course also preaching by a pastor. Audio is key to implement in the setup to complete the experience of the church members participating at a church service from home. The use of an audio mixer and video mixer allows for easy operation by one single person.

Avonic PTZ cameras in church

Why choose PTZ cameras from Avonic?

Avonic is a leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras. With our in-house engineering department and customer support we are able to provide high quality PTZ cameras with an outstanding performance compared to our competitors. Our cameras are known for their ease of use, their quality and the flexibility of installing them.

  1. The ease of use
    House of worship are usually run by volunteers. Finding them can sometimes be difficult and especially for technical AV-solutions like the control of PTZ cameras. Creating the setup to meet the customer’s needs can be challenging. But when everything is up and running and a number of preferred presets are installed, we at Avonic dare to say that almost everyone is able to stream and/or record a church service without being the church’s technician.
  2. The quality of our PTZ cameras
    The main thing that sets your online church service apart from the rest is the image quality of your PTZ camera. Using the PTZ cameras from Avonic you are guaranteed of recording and/or streaming high-quality 4K video even under the most challenging light conditions. Pan, tilt and zoom without the loss of image quality. Recording or streaming a steady church service.
  3. The flexibility of installing them
    Even when there is spend a lot of time in creating the best setup it sometimes occurs that the customer, in this case a church, wants to change the setup. Due to the design of the PTZ cameras the way of installation can be very versatile. From stand-alone to fixed installations our PTZ cameras can do their work in almost every situation.
Diagram of ptz setup in church
A common setup that’s being used in churches and many other markets.

Need some help creating the perfect setup?

With our customer support guiding you along the way with preparing the best setup possible you will always make the right decision for your project. Many years of experience in AV gives us the opportunity also to come up with suggestions on what third parties AV products to combine with ours. Whether this is for a church, a broadcast/webcast studio or healthcare we’ve done it all and that’s for you to benefit from.

When you’re interested in buying our products, please feel free to contact or give us a call at +31(0)15 711 2712.

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