HRT – Huddle Room Technology

The mission of HRT is to deliver technological solutions that create the most comfortable and effective experience for wireless presentation and video communication in huddle rooms. With this goal in mind, HRT conceived Huddle Hub The first product designed to supplement the current AV technologies in order to enhance the user experience. Huddle Hub One brings huddle room collaboration to an unprecedented level of comfort, effectiveness and flexibility.

Huddle Hub goes beyond traditional wireless presentation on meeting rooms large displays: the participants can, in fact, send and receive presentations directly with their own devices. Any space within the company can now be used as a collaboration space: huddle and meeting rooms, offices, auditoriums, and even lounges. Almost every meeting today is a presentation and video- conference meeting and Huddle Hub is the only Wireless Collaboration System that allows all meeting participants a true BYOC cable-free interaction with the room AV equipment. Participants can just walk into the meeting with their laptop, comfortably sit anywhere they like, and use their videoconference software and the room AV equipment without having to connect a single cable. Thanks to the Smart Room innovative concept, Huddle Hub allows multiple simultaneous wireless presentation sessions. A work group can connect to one of the available rooms from everywhere in the company. Huddle Hub Smart Rooms can be reserved for huddle spaces or organizational units, as company departments, workgroups, projects, and even single users. Combine the Hubble Hub and Avonic for a truly user-friendly and high-quality video conferencing solution.

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