Interoperability in PROAV System Integration

AVONIC case study in the field of live training

Avonic – in cooperation with its integrator Kinly (formally known as MK2) – have secured a contract to supply, install and support 31 Avonic IP-based PTZ systems a major firm operating in the field of patents in Den Haag. By providing the means to effectively capture meetings and consultations and record training lectures, Avonic have contributed to the client’s ability to meet its ongoing core strategic goals; enhancing their organizational knowledge and ability to collaborate, streamlining internal processes, improving service quality and sustainability, and enhancing their position as a key global player.

The internationally recognized firm sees a great number of design ideas cross its desks every day, so it is fair to say they know a thing or two about good design. As a result, it is no surprise that they were quickly able to recognise the significant potential benefits that could be realized from integrating Avonic PTZ systems into their Den Haag offices.

Interoperability and Integration
Key to the client’s search for an appropriate solution was the ability to integrate with other legacy systems already in place in their offices- notably Televic and Creston. A core principle of Avonic technology is interoperability, and Avonic products integrate a range of hardware and software connectivity, which can include IP, HDMI, 3G-SDI and CVBS outputs, and control over IP, RS232 or RS485 using any controller with VISCA or PELCO support. This provided all of the backwards integration needed by the client, whilst also providing the potential for future integration as their strategic vision evolves.

Reliability and usability
The functions fulfilled by the client in their business are multifaceted, supporting innovation, competitiveness and economic growth across Europe. As such, there is a clear need for transparency and openness in the processes they use to make decisions, and accurate, reliable capture and recording of internal processes is fundamental to the integrity of the organisation.

Avonic and Kinly were able to both recognise and meet all of these needs. Avonic cameras always prioritise functionality and usability, using single cable connections to minimise complexity and ensure that the technology works first time, every time. The client further outlined that they needed preset options available to assist their users, and the installation was able to deliver 255 presets with 0.1° accuracy – meaning that the cameras are highly flexible and reliable in their applications.

Image Quality
In addition to their legal consultancy, the client provides a range of training activities for various stakeholders who span the whole of Europe, and beyond. Live training is not always logistically or financially viable, and so AV capture and distribution of training programs is a key strategic component of client’s activities. They cannot afford for quality or clarity to be compromised in this field when their training products are expected to maintain the highest level of delivery quality.

Avonic were again able to meet and exceed client needs in this field. Avonic products boast high-quality TAMRON glass lenses and Panasonic CMOS sensors with digital noise reduction and digital zoom – meaning that Avonic cameras deliver exceptional images even in low light. Moreover, the elegant design of the units fit seamlessly into the brand-new, modern offices of the client – enhancing the forward-looking image of the organization.

Kinly were able to effectively communicate and support Avonic’s commitment to a client-centric approach to technology development, which is always led by an understanding of the business needs of each individual client” stated Walter Harrewijn, Managing director of AVONIC.

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