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The ISE was held in the Fira Barcelona for the first time. Also the first time since Covid-19 for Avonic to participate at a large tradeshow like this one. The ISE truly was above our expectations. From all over the world integrators, resellers, tech enthusiasts and many other different type of visitors visited the Avonic stand. It was a great pleasure seeing our partners and distributors in person but also meeting many new people. This edition of the ISE was extra special with the introduction of Avonic’s new teacher tracker software called CamDirector®, the CON500-IP Controller and the new 4K60 PTZ Camera. For those that weren’t able to visit the ISE or just want to see what happened, here’s a little throwback to the ISE being held from 10-13 May.

Introduction CamDirector®

One of the main advantages of launching a product during one of the biggest shows in the AV industry, is that there are many people you can reach all at once. That’s exactly what we did with our unique tracking solution. Our dedicated software team has developed a tracking solution that uses artificial intelligence which makes it an ever-evolving system. We claim to “usher in a new era” with our tracking software combined with dedicated hardware and our high-quality PTZ cameras. That’s why probably one of the most satisfying things we’ve heard about the CamDirector® is the following: “We’ve stopped looking for a reliable tracking solution, but seeing this one makes us believe that it still is possible to own one.” So many tracking solutions out there but not one with 99% tracking accuracy, easy installation, automatic video registration as soon as someone walks into the room and no subtle switching between two cameras. Discover more here and to sign up for the waiting list.

Video CamDirector

Curious about this new tracking software called CamDirector®?

Avonic’s CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is a unique tracking solution that creates automatic multi camera video registrations of lectures. It can automatically find the teacher in a room with students and provides elegant close-ups of the teacher, even in large lecture halls and auditoriums.

4K60 PTZ Camera

The demand for 4K PTZ cameras is increasing, so that’s why Avonic chose to develop a 4K60 PTZ camera with 30x zoom, 60 fps and NDI®|HX. During the ISE the quality of this camera could be tested on Lego. The details and coloring of our small Lego village gives the best impression of pristine image quality.

CON500-IP Controller

During the ISE visitors were able to see and play with a prototype of the new CON500-IP controller. We believe it’s important for our customers to see what Avonic is working on and to include them in the product development progress. No better stage to present than the ISE.

The Team @ ISE

It was great seeing everyone again in person during the ISE. We’re glad that after a period of Covid-19 we could reconnect with our partners and distributors. We’re also thankful for all the visitors that paid a visit to our booth and showed their interest in Avonic. We’ve talked to hundreds of people and we hope our stand was a great source of inspiration for visitors and their company. Can’t wait to talk further about the possibilities of using Avonic for your customers or projects? Find below one of the stand crew members that were present during the first ISE in Barcelona. For general inquiries please contact

Ruud Huisman | Sales Manager
Henry van Vueren
Henry van Vueren | International Account Manager
Dave Schardijn Accountmanager Nederland
Dave Schardijn | Accountmanager Nederland
Martijn van Bodegom | Product Manager
Daniël de Bakker | Product Specialist
Stepháne Pourcelot | Product Specialist (FR/ES)
Amir Pliev | Software Developer
Walter Harrewijn CEO Avonic
Walter Harrewijn | Managing Director

New catalog available

Just recently Avonic has renewed its catalog. Like to read more about the Avonic brand and our products? In our newest catalog you find the complete product range, you can read about several case studies and you will also find a complete camera overview with all the specifications.

Stand ISE 2022

Together with NLExpo we’ve created a stand designed to tell the Avonic story. The markets we serve, our new product innovations, technology partners we work with and technical setups. And also a stand that also gives a little sneak peek of the new Avonic look and feel. Missed our stand, here’s what it looked like.

Avonic at ISE 2022
ISE Stand 4K and CON500-IP
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