Live stream church service keeps community together

CGKv de Kandelaar, based in Veendam, is one of the many churches we have in the Netherlands. Religion is important to so many people and with Covid-19 changing the way we go to church or visit a church service online also churches needed to become creative in getting their services to their religious visitors. Whether it’s online or offline, integrator BB systems created a beautiful setup to make CGKv ready for whatever comes their way.

The wish arose from the CGKv de Kandelaar in Veendam to renew their current camera system and image installation. BB Systems was chosen as the integrator for the job as they are able to provide these services and brought the entire installation up to date, including Avonic PTZ cameras.

“The CON100 is very intuitive to use and has the ability to save so-called ‘presets’. You can easily save and recall your most used camera positions with a simple push of a button.”

Product references

For the camera system they have chosen Full HD PTZ cameras from Avonic. In order to get good camera coverage three Avonic CM70-IP-W in the color white have been placed in the church hall. They chose this camera because of the high-quality glass lens with 20x optical zoom and an horizontal FOV of 54.7 degrees. Since the cameras are being placed in the church hall, it was important the cameras are extremely silent while being controlled. The cameras are controlled with an Avonic CON100 control panel. This panel is very intuitive to use and has the ability to save so-called ‘presets’. You can easily save and recall your most used camera positions with a simple push of a button.

To be able to switch between the outputs from the different cameras and presentation PC, they’ve used a video switcher from technology partner Roland. With the V-1SDI video switcher they can easily switch between the different outputs, but it also offers many other effects, such as adding song lyrics to the camera image or the Picture in Picture function to, for example, display a sign language interpreter integrated into the image of a predecessor.

More than only a camera installation

In addition to the camera installation, they’ve made the necessary adjustments to the image installation. It now for example is possible to connect a side room to the church hall and the musicians can now read their lyrics on a 32 inch LG monitor. In addition, they’ve replaced the beamer in the church hall with a BenQ Led Laser beamer. This Full HD projector no longer uses traditional lamp technology but uses an LED as a light source, which considerably extends the lifespan and drastically reduces consumption.

With a control panel from Avonic’s other technology partner Neets, both the beamer in the church hall and the beamer in the side room can be switched on with a simple push of a button.

Want to learn more about Avonic’s PTZ Cameras?

Seeing our PTZ cameras being used in worship makes us proud. More and more integrators switch to Avonic for the pristine image quality and the great price-quality ratio. Our cameras are being used in government, education, worship, broadcast, video conference and many more markets. Want to learn more? Contact our sales department through or give our office a call via +31(0)15 711 27 12.

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