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Avonic medical grade PTZ cameras

Connecting the medical world with the help of high-quality PTZ cameras. Avonic’s CM70/71/73 PTZ cameras are certified according to the NEN-EN-IEC 60601-1-2 (2015) standard. This certification not only ensures that the products function stable and safely, but also ensures that they do not conflict with other medical equipment. Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, has an important role in today’s medical world. It makes it possible for healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and even treat situations remotely. This way of communicating has played an important role in optimizing healthcare infrastructure.

Importance of the NEN-EN-IEC 60601-1-2 (2015) standard

Electrical Medical Devices are indispensable in any telehealth application. Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies to remotely access healthcare services and also to manage healthcare. When used on a daily basis, it is important that they cannot cause damage to patients and staff. The NEN-EN-IEC 60601-1-2 (2015) standard proves that cameras and other electrical medical devices can handle electromagnetic interference and ensure they keep functioning like they do. Use of Avonic’s PTZ Cameras makes it possible to record operations for archiving and research, but also to allow livestream for students and other healthcare professionals to watch from a distance.

Discover the medical grade PTZ cameras

Avonic in medical settings with partner Ditec

Avonic’s partner Ditec specializes in many type of different markets. Ditec Medical is the division that is specialized in the development of tailored solutions for the healthcare sector. Their audio-visual engineering for the medical market is now extended with the addition of Avonic CM70 Series PTZ cameras. They combine the pristine image quality of Avonic cameras together with additional webcams.

Medical Setup DItec
Medical Setup DItec

Get informed about the medical opportunities

The medical grade PTZ cameras from Avonic contribute to the health sector in a great way by their pristine image quality and easy installation. Like to use Avonic cameras for your customers that are active in the healthcare sector? Contact our sales team for more information via or look where to buy them in or near your country.

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