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MVI AudioVisual and Avonic combine their strength in a technology partnership. Two Dutch companies that make life of integrators easy when creating the perfect setup. Technology designed to create a seamless integration between MVI AudioVisual control software, Avonic PTZ cameras and various different hardware conferencing systems like Bosch and Televic. Together enabling an easy install and peace of mind for the installers. Experience automated camera control and fully software-based video switching in your meeting room, with fluent transitions between speakers. One integrated system combining Avonic PTZ cameras in the room with remote participants at home.

Seamless integration with MVI EasyConf, EasyCam and EasyConf Connect

An integrated approach offering peace of mind for installers Avonic CM70 series cameras offer 12x/20x and 30x Optical Zoom and can be combined with conferencing systems and MVI conference systems control software.

EasyConf – Conference systems control

Conferences and meetings using conference systems are usually complicated to prepare and manage. MVI Conference Systems Control software helps preparing and managing the conference. They’ve made their software extremely easy to use. With the Conference systems control software you have a set of intelligent tools to prepare, manage, control and report your meetings with the touch of a finger.

EasyCam – Automated Camera Control

Your meeting or conference controlled and broadcasted in HD or 4K quality. No operator needed, MVI’s innovative automated camera tracking system works flawless with Avonic PTZ cameras. Participants, voting results, agendas, presentations can automatically be displayed in multi-, split-screen or picture-in-picture. Extra info is automatically added to each speaker, like speaking time, delegate name and political party. Let us help to broadcast your council, parliament or conference meeting.

EasyConf Connect – Remote Participation

MVI gives you the most user-friendly way to allow remote delegates to participate in council meetings by making the remote participant part of the meeting as if they are physically in the room. Full integration with supported conference systems like our technology partner Bosch.

Technical setup

MVI Technology Partner Avonic

Low latency PTZ cameras

Well known for its low latency implementation, Avonic cameras support both IP streaming and 3G-SDI/HDMI outputs enabling in room real time viewing. Field proven reliability and performance combined with silent operation. Designed with conferencing in mind, blending into the environment.

CM70-IP Camera Front Black Tally Online
CM70-IP Series | Black & White 20x zoom
CM71-Camera Angle White Tally Online
CM71-IP Series | White 12x zoom
CM73-IP Camera Front White
CM73-IP Series | Black & White 30x zoom

Download Solution Paper

Read or download the solution paper that shows the seamless integration between MVI AudioVisual control software, Avonic PTZ cameras and possible various different hardware conferencing systems. One complete integrated system combining strength of Avonic PTZ cameras in the room with remote participants at home and smart control software from technology partner MVI.

Downlaod the PDF solution paper

[wpfd_single_file id=”15968″ catid=”429″ name=”MVI & Avonic Solution Paper ENG – Online”]

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Our integration with MVI AudioVisual has find their way to the market in many places. We are very happy to tell you more about what we have to offer. We sell our products all around the world through (local) AV integrators, so we’re sure we can help you as well. 


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