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NDI Tools explained by Avonic

Network Device Interface (NDI®) is a high performance standard, developed by Newtek since 2015, that allows anyone to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks. In just a few years, it became one of the most used video protocols (if not the most!) to distribute AV resources over local and wide area networks in plenty of different applications such as video production, live broadcasting, pro-AV solutions…

Since the beginning NDI® kept developing new features along with free applications designed to introduce you to the world of IP on local Ethernet networks. But a very important new release came in July 2021 to support NDI over WANs and the global Internet: NDI 5, to bring planet-sized capabilities designed to make any live content production even easier, faster and more fun! Thanks to the NDI 5 tools it is now possible to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world and transmit live video to wherever you are, making remote production and offsite collaboration possible. Now, the whole world can be your own studio!

NDI tools download is available from www.ndi.tv/tools where you will find ‘NDI Tools for Windows’ and ‘NDI Tools for Mac’ (even a ‘NDI Analysis for Windows’ analysis Tool -Beta- to find sources and diagnose). Be aware of the communicated minimum system requirements regarding the OS, processor, RAM..
Once installed, you can execute the “NDI Launcher” that you will find on your desktop to get access to the new NDI 5 tools such as NDI Bridge, NDI Remote, NDI Audio Direct, above the already existing applications but not less important NDI Studio Monitor, NDI Screen Capture, NDI Webcam Input, NDI VLC Plugin, NDI Access Manager, NDI Test Patterns, NDI for Premiere and NDI for After Effects. Just click on the application to open it.

With NDI Webcam Input you will be able to transform a NDI (IP) camera into a virtual USB input/webcam for your video conferencing software. With NDI Studio Monitor you will be able to view or display any NDI Video Sources (including your own smartphone!) across your network in real time, along with a lot of interesting features. With NDI Access Manager you will add a level of security by configuring your NDI channels as public or private, organizing NDI systems and devices into groups, choosing which groups are available to your device, and selecting which groups can receive your NDI channels. With NDI Screen Capture you can capture the full-screen display or any combination of windows, applications, webcams or a specific region of interest from any computer, and present it anywhere on your network as a NDI output with audio. With NDI Remote, by only sharing a simple link or QR code, anyone can contribute live audio and video using any Internet-connected camera device with a browser, to any NDI enabled software over the web. Perfect tool for live production! With NDI Bridge simply and securely share all NDI network sources between local or remote sites anywhere in the world. And still much more to discover from these free Newtek NDI tools that we summarized in our article NDI tools overview

On www.ndi.tv/tools, you will also find more NDI tools than available on your NDI Launcher such as NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC, NDI for Final Cut Pro and the NDI|HX Driver. All for free! Plus numerous professional hardwares and softwares such as OBS, vMix (early adopter of NDI), Wowza support that standard and are able to recognize any type of NDI sources (cameras, live production systems, graphics…)

Without adding costs (complexity and latency I would add), NDI 5 allows you to control your devices and softwares, to add security, to manage AV networks over the WAN and internet and to share AV resources today in a global environment. And all with normal Ethernet cables that can deliver video, audio, control signals, and power the devices (where supported), reducing dramatically all types of costs, amazing isn’t it?

*NDI® is a registered trademark of the Vizrt Group.

Discover Avonic’s CM70 NDI®|HX series

The CM70-NDI is a high-quality PTZ camera with concurrent HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0 and IP stream ethernet outputs. The CM70-NDI is equipped with high-efficient IP technology called NDI®|HX. This all-in-one PTZ camera from Avonic allows the move to an all IP infrastructure even for mobile applications. With IP deployment on existing networks all cameras detected within your network become directly available for use without complex configuration. Video, audio, control and power all with PoE connecting your CM70-NDI camera to hundreds of systems, devices and applications that support NDI. The CM70-NDI includes a rich feature set usually found on broadcast-grade cameras, including a user-adjustable Color Matrix and SRT streaming (licensed premium functions). Known for its pristine image quality even under low light conditions. The combination of a high-quality PTZ camera with a protocol that improves every live production give the CM70-NDI endless possibilities. 

CM70-NDI Camera Front White Tally Online
CM70-NDI Camera Angle Black Tally Online
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