New Avonic Webinars Announced

New Webinar Avonic

From 1 till 12 February Avonic is hosting the AV SHOW. With a show there comes entertainment. That’s why next to our live and interactive tours we will be hosting 3 extremely interesting webinars with our technology partners and also our integrators. We are thrilled to announce the following webinars.

3 FEBRUARY WEBINAR: Streaming solutions with Roland and Smash-AV 

On Wednesday, February 3rd we will be hosting a new webinar together with Roland and Dutch integrator Smash-AV. In an online talkshow setting Avonic’s hosts Steven Cogels and Noortje van Merode will discuss the ins and outs of streaming solutions. This webinar gives you an insight on how Roland, manufacturer of commercial and performance audio/video products, looks back on the year 2020 and towards the future of streaming solutions. Dutch integrator Smash-AV is invited for its practical approach. A lot has changed in the world of streaming solutions and Smash-AV as integrator knows how to cope with these rapidly developing changes. The webinar about streaming solutions will be a practical and fun to watch webinar about streaming solutions.

4 FEBRUARY WEBINAR: The future of education with Wiener Neustadt and Kinly

On Thursday, February 4th 2021 we will be hosting a new webinar about how Covid-19 has changed the world of education permanently. FH Wiener Neustadt was one of the world’s first universities ready for today’s challenges. Together with international integrator Kinly we discuss the challenges and future of (hybrid) education. During this webinar we will give you on insights on how to prepare universities and high schools so they can cope with the latest trends in education. FH Wiener Neustadt and Kinly are two organizations that are leaders in the field of using PTZ cameras in education. Watch how our head of sales Steven Cogels will host this practical and fun to watch webinar.

9 FEBRUARY WEBINAR: The rise of PTZ Cameras in Esports

On Tuesday, February 9th 2021 we will be hosting a new webinar. For this webinar we leave our webinar studio in Delft and go to a complete different setting from where we will host this webinar about the use of PTZ cameras in Esports. InsideEsports is our accommodation during this webinar. This studio is located inside Europe’s biggest Esports center called H20 Esports Campus in Amsterdam. Esports is big with millions and millions of people playing every day. The use of PTZ cameras becomes more and more important. Together with GamersFirst and H20 we discuss Esports and the use of PTZ cameras in this immensely big market.

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