Wageningen University chooses CamDirector

Wageningen University & Research was founded 105 years ago and is the most sustainable university in the world. The university is a collaboration between higher education and research. Its mission is “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life”. The areas of expertise are natural, technological, and social science disciplines. Wageningen University & …

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Avonic offers a complete range of tracking solutions tailored for the education market, ranging from single-camera setups to multi-camera systems Avonic offers versatile options to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. This page takes you through the features and benefits of Avonic’s tracking solutions, highlighting their capabilities in capturing high-quality video, optimizing classroom viewing …

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Large Conferencing

Accountability is one of the most key concepts in modern governance. Citizens have the right to know who is making decisions, what decisions are being taken, and how those decisions are being made. The use of PTZ cameras in public forums helps to capture proceedings – either for live stream or for record keeping – …

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Avonic medical certified PTZ cameras Connecting the medical world with the help of high-quality PTZ cameras. Avonic’s CM70/71/73 PTZ cameras are certified according to the NEN-EN-IEC 60601-1-2 (2015) standard. This certification not only ensures that the products function stable and safely, but also ensures that they do not conflict with other medical equipment. Telehealth, also …

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Video Conferencing

We’re all familiar with the idea of video conferencing – it’s been around for quite a while now. But that means that we’re also familiar with the pitfalls of video conferencing. Impersonal audio-only solutions, video solutions that are too grainy – and all of them take complex setup and a multitude of wires.Imagine all the …

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CRN meeting Seoul

In a testament to Avonic’s commitment to delivering top-quality audiovisual solutions, we were recently invited to participate in the prestigious Asia Pacific meeting of the Congress Rental Network. This global network comprises leading companies equipped with the latest Bosch congress equipment for hire. With its responsibility for organizing and facilitating high-profile events such as NATO …

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Avonic’s Consistent Latency Testing

Avonic has developed a reliable testing procedure that accurately measures latency across HDMI, SDI, and IP. Determining latency over IP is complex, considering the variables in the signal chain. Avonic’s testing procedure is reproducible and requires the right equipment, empowering knowledgeable individuals to obtain consistent results.

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