Panopto – The Leading Enterprise Video Platform

When businesses and universities need an easy, reliable solution for managing, streaming, and recording videos, they turn to Panopto. Since their founding in 2007, they’ve built a video platform that any employee, instructor, and student can use regardless of their prior experience. With Panopto, you’ve got a single tool for video management, recording, live streaming, inside a video search, quizzing, analytics, mobile, and more.

Video Content Management
Securely centralize and stream your videos, create playlists, optimize playback, and measure viewer engagement.

Recording Video
Capture video feeds from any camera and any screen — even multiple feeds simultaneously.

Live Video
Broadcast to ten viewers or ten thousand, with one-click, professional-grade live streaming.

Video Search
Search across your entire video library and inside videos for any word spoken or shown.

Connect your video library into your LMS, CMS, SSO, internal portals, and more.

Mobile Video
Native apps and automatic device detection put your entire video library in your pocket.

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Our integration with MVI Panopto find their way to the market in many places. We are very happy to tell you more about what we have to offer. We sell our products all around the world through (local) AV integrators, so we’re sure we can help you as well. 


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