CamDirector® AI Processing Unit

AI lecture recording processing unit

Avonic’s CD500 is an AI processing unit that operates as a continuously evolving video platform for Avonic’s Pro-AV solutions. It can process, analyze and transmit video generated by the two PTZ cameras it controls. It provides a steady environment for the one-of-a-kind CamDirector® Teacher Tracker Software that uses locally run machine learning algorithms to offer smart lecture video recording. As a continuously evolving video platform it allows for future high-tech modules to be added. Over-the-air updates and support allow new functionality to be added overnight. Its ease of operation takes away expensive human resources needed to create high-level and engaging content for the audience. With the CD500 as part of the complete lecture recording solution, Avonic sets the new standard in teacher tracking technology. 

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Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions17.6 × 18.3 × 5 cm
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