CamDirector® MultiShot

The Avonic CamDirector® MultiShot software enables users to control up to eight cameras for producing professional quality video content. It functions like a TV studio director by managing camera angles and transitions to create a seamless and captivating video feed. It replaces the need for multiple devices and personnel to operate them. The software allows for easy switching between multiple cameras and pre-defined shots with just a touch of a button or with audio triggers.

The MultiShot software is available stand-alone and in combination with the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker.
The Teacher Tracker allows you to track the presenter in an auditorium and switch automatically between close-ups and overview shots.
When the MultiShot module is also enabled you can use more than 2 cameras and use multiple presets. The presenter (teacher) is in control of which preset is shown eg. the blackboard, the audience, the (tracked) teacher, the overview etc.

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