USB 2.0 extender 50m over CAT6a S/FTP

The Avonic AV-UEX150 is a convenient USB 2.0 Extender over CAT6a S/FTP cabling. The set exists of a transmitter and a receiver which is powered by the provided power supply. The small form factor allows for easy integration. This extender kit supports the full 480Mbps which is required for 1080p30 video over USB 2.0. Cameras and speakerphones over a minimum distance of 5 meters and a maximum of 50 meters are supported. The UEX-150 is plug-and-play and does not require any additional drivers.

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Extend up to 50 meters over Cat6a S/FTP.


Full USB 2.0 480Mbps compliant.

Plug and Play

Does not require any drivers.

Extra USB port

easy filesharing of USB thumbdrives (no HDD), KVM applications or connection of an Avonic USB 2.0
Speaker/ microphone.

Weight0.43 kg
Dimensions14.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm
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