Televic Technology Partner Avonic

Technology Partner Televic

Avonic and Televic work together in a technology partnership to deliver top-notch conferencing technology for many different applications throughout the world. As Televic’s “preferred supplier” Avonic is proud to be part of their mission to always deliver added value to every project being established. From small city councils to large parliaments. Just like Avonic, Televic delivers cutting-edge technologies with the help of its own in-house Research & Development department. This allows both brands to remain leaders in their market.

The Markets

The use of Avonic PTZ cameras in combination with conferencing solutions from Televic, creates peace of mind for integrators. Together with our technology partner Televic we specialize in the provision of PTZ cameras for markets like city councils, parliaments, institutions, executive boardrooms, rental and auditoriums. Images by courtesy of Televic.

City Councils Televic
City Councils
Parliaments Televic
Institutions Televic
Executive Boardrooms Televic
Executive Boardrooms
Rental Televic

Can’t wait to get started? Like to know more about our integration with Televic?

Our integration with Televic has found their way to the market in many places. We are very happy to tell you more about our Televic “preferred supplier” status and the range of PTZ cameras that is compatible with Televic. Avonic products are being used and sold all around the world with the help of (local) AV integrators, so we’re sure we have the solution for your setup. 

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