Throwback Infocomm Orlando 2023

June 2023, it was our first time at Infocomm Orlando, despite being in the professional AV business for more than 15 years. Our home turf was always the ISE. With our North American partner PAG Canada, we are entering the US/Canada territory now.

It all started with Murphy’s law. Despite all the careful preparations, the booth materials didn’t arrive on time. We had no booth! Fortunately, our North American partner, PAG Canada, is so experienced at the Infocomm, they had a new back wall within a day. The rest is history as they say. We had an incredible turnout. We spoke to Sales reps, technology partners, AV integrators and many end customers. Our AI tracking technology for single and multiple PTZ cameras was exactly what the market demanded.

With pride, we presented the following solutions:

Single-Cam AI Tracking – CM93 PTZ camera Tracking with 4K60 for the small to medium classrooms, townhouse meetings or productions. Avonic’s CM93 model serves as an exemplary single-camera tracking solution, offering high-quality video capabilities up to 4K60.

Dual-Cam AI Tracking – Use the Teacher Tracker AI Software to track & switch automatically in classrooms up to 55m. For more demanding installations, we have the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker, which provides a dual-camera tracking solution. Utilizing two cameras offers several advantages, for large auditoria or presentations on stage.

Multi-Cam Switching – For interactive setting at classes, panels, graduations, remote learning use the MultiShot AI Software to switch & control up to 8 cameras. The CamDirector® MultiShot software module extends the capabilities of the Teacher Tracker or can function as a standalone IP video switcher with added intelligence.

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