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Wageningen University & Research was founded 105 years ago and is the most sustainable university in the world. The university is a collaboration between higher education and research. Its mission is “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life”. The areas of expertise are natural, technological, and social science disciplines.

Wageningen University & Research has spent over 10 years looking for the best tracking system for its lecture capture. Trying out multiple tracking systems. None that is really satisfactory.

The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker has been tested over 2 years by the AV team of Wageningen University & Research, after which it was concluded that the CamDirector Teacher Tracker fulfilled all the tracking needs for their largest auditoria.

SETUP: The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker was installed in the largest auditorium. The cameras are placed at the back of the auditoria

Reasons for selecting the CamDirector Teacher Tracker:

  • Excellent image quality over a larger area of more than 30m distance
  • Best tracking abilities out of all test tracking systems
  • After 10 years of searching, CamDirector Teacher Tracking was found best-in-class
  • Tested for over 2 years
  • The beacon-based system replaced with the CamDirector Teacher
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