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The Fondation Napoléon is an institution recognised as being of public interest for research and the dissemination of historical knowledge, assistance with heritage preservation and services to the public. Its fields of activity cover the two French Empires and, more broadly, the 19th century, which was largely that of the Bonapartes.

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The project was carried out by the company TRIANGLE EVENT.
The integrator has successfully deployed an AVONIC AV-CM70 IP Black camera along with an AVONIC AV-MT250-W support system. The camera’s operations are efficiently managed via an AVONIC AV-CON100 controller, allowing for seamless control of pre-recorded presets. The entirety of the meeting, comprising both video and audio streams, is then seamlessly streamed to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) utilizing the EPIPHAN PearlMini. This setup not only facilitates recording to an SD card but also ensures secure streaming of the content.

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