Large Conferencing | Canadian Medical Institution

In 2024, a leading Canadian medical institution partnered with PAG Canada for the installation, meeting stringent standards set by the Canadian Medical Board. With expertise and precision, PAG Canada integrated Avonic PTZ Cameras and CON 300 controller into existing rooms, fostering enhanced communication and collaboration.

Expanding their infrastructure with 11 additional rooms, PAG Canada ensured scalability by equipping each space with 2 to 4 Avonic PTZ cameras and CON 300 controllers. This strategic approach accommodates the institution’s evolving needs while maintaining compliance. PAG Canada‘s dedication to excellence in AV integration showcases best practices, empowering the medical institution with cutting-edge technology and seamless functionality.

To learn more about the Avonic PTZ Cameras and our AI Tracking click down here!

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 © Copyright & Photo Credits by Avonic and PAG Canada

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