What is a PTZ camera and where is it being used?

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PTZ cameras are the most versatile video cameras out there. Avonic is specialized in manufacturing PTZ cameras that meet the high-quality PRO-AV standards at a reasonable price level. PTZ is short for Pan, Tilt & Zoom. Everyone knows what a ZOOM is, right? Zooming in gives you a closer look at objects, while zooming out will let you capture a wider space. But what do Pan and Tilt stand for? PAN (Panoramic) is when the camera stays in a fixed position but can rotate up/down in a horizontal plane, like the motion of a person when they turn their head on their neck from left to right. TILT is when the camera can rotate on a vertical plane, like the motion of a person when they raise or low their head to look up or down. PTZ Cameras are cameras with a built-in mechanism that allows them to go from left and right, up and down, and zoom in and out…  but without losing any quality in resolution!

Zooms range and types

The lens zoom is one of the more important specifications for PTZ cameras. The amount of zoom is expressed as #x which represents how much the camera can zoom (change the lens focal length): 5x, 10x or 12x zoom will be usually enough for instance for Video conferencing while other applications will quickly require more zoom, 20x being the average but more is possible too up to 30x. To maintain an image quality when zooming in and out, an optical zoom will be always preferred because it will physically adjust the camera lens whereas a Digital zoom (using software, not mechanical parts) will blow up the image resulting in pixilated images when zoomed too far.

Different lenses have different fields of views. To enable you to pick the best possible solution for your situation, Avonic created a FOV calculator. As you can see in the picture below, depending on whether you’re zoomed in (Tele) or zoomed out (Wide), the captured image at the set distance has different dimensions. This calculator will give you the maximum and minimum width and height to help you to select the right model within the Avonic line of cameras.

Avonic Field of View Calculator 1200x628

What does a PTZ camera?

As any traditional video cameras, PTZ cameras are used for capturing moving images in a high quality resolution (optionally Audio when required and supported). But contrary to traditional more expensive cameras where an operator is positioned next to each camera, a PTZ camera is designed to be controlled at distance, moreover a single camera operator will be enough to control multiple cameras (whether positioned on tripods, to the wall, the ceiling…) which helps in reducing costs and increasing efficiency! Moreover, PTZ cameras are discrete, very silent and easy to install. This article refers to very good PTZ cameras for professional video use, not to CCTV surveillance cameras usually with poor video quality and more expected for an external use. Avonic PTZ cameras do not support a night vision feature as some CCTV cameras however their high SNR CMOS combined with digital noise reduction gets the picture clear even under low illumination!

What’s digital PTZ?

Electronic PTZ also known as DPTZ (Digital PTZ) and smaller than a PTZ camera, ePTZ cameras are ELECTRONIC Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras that do not move any mechanical parts: the camera remains static. Unlike a true PTZ, an ePTZ camera will digitally zoom, pan and tilt inside the same image, which will result in a reduced resolution. Another major difference will be that when a true PTZ can pan almost to 360 degrees, an ePTZ will –digitally- do much less than half of it! On the other hand, ePTZ are logically more cost-effective than PTZ cameras, and more expected in Video conferencing, Education.

Avonic’s CM22-VCU Huddle Room Camera with Digital PTZ

The Avonic CM22-VCU boasts a 4K, wide angle lens up to 120 degrees FOV that makes sure you can capture all attendees. Its smart automatic and fully user configurable modes guarantee crystal clear video even under the most challenging light conditions. Built-in user configurable dual microphones allow for easy audio capture. A true integration product with a discrete design and mount developed for PRO-AV installations. It can be easily mounted either on top of or below a screen for an optimal line of sight during a meeting. The mount can be used in combination with modern thin-bezel screens.

CM22 Camera Angle

PTZ Markets and applications

PTZ camera solution for lecture capture for Eduction and univeristy
NATO Robotrade Avonic cameras
Large conferencing
CM41 Webinar Introduction
Video conferencing
Webcast PTZ cameras webinar
PTZ camera for church
House of worship

Camera basics webinar

If you need to fine tune your camera or just understand the different options that the camera supports such as:

  • Exposure settings
  • Color settings
  • Image settings
  • Noise Reduction
  • Etc.

We highly recommend you follow the Camera Basics webinar available on the Avonic YouTube channel.

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