What is Dante AV-H? By Daniel de Bakker

Our product manager Daniel de Bakker proudly presents the new CM93-DAV and tells you all about it. Daniel explains; ‘this opens up new possibilities for AV integrators and end-users seeking seamless audio and video integration.’

What is Dante AV-H?

Dante AV-H is a software solution specifically designed for equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It enables them to integrate Dante control into existing H.264-based IP video devices.

This innovative technology offers numerous benefits:

1. Interoperability: Dante AV-H brings interoperability to AV-over-IP products. It utilizes the familiar and reliable H.264/265 codecs, already supported in common hardware, allowing users to easily connect, discover, and manage. The Avonic CM93-DAV traditionally boasts ultra-low latency in H.264 and H.265, seamlessly adapting to any environment.

2. Software-based: Unlike hardware solutions, Dante AV-H is software-based. This makes integration simpler, more cost-effective, and faster. OEMs can develop fully controllable video products that seamlessly fit into the Dante ecosystem.

3. Dante Audio integration: Dante AV-H integrates the industry-standard Dante Audio into AV-over-IP products, enabling users to independently route audio wherever needed.

4. IT-level management: Dante AV-H provides IT-level management for cost-effective IP video devices, such as PTZ cameras and encoders/decoders. This is facilitated through the use of Dante Domain Manager.

Avonic CM93 with Dante AV-H

The Avonic CM93 PTZ camera is a versatile choice for AV professionals. With the addition of Dante AV-H, users can now benefit from seamless integration with Dante Audio networks. Some highlights of the CM93 include:

– High image quality: The CM93 delivers sharp, clear images with resolutions up to 2160p60 (Dante AV-H up to 1080p60).
– Smooth movements: With pan-tilt-zoom functionality and silent motors, the CM93 is ideal for meeting rooms, churches, and live events.
– Flexible connectivity: In addition to Dante AV-H, the CM93 also supports HDMI, 3G-SDI, and USB 2.0.

Avonic remains committed to innovation and delivering high-quality AV solutions. With Dante AV-H in the CM93, users can benefit from advanced audio and video integration without compromise.

For more information about the Avonic CM93 with Dante AV-H, visit our product page.

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