What is the difference between a CM40 & CM70 camera?

A question that we get often and a logical one because from the outside the cameras look the same. But the inside is a completely different story. Here is a quick overview listing the differences of the CM-40, CM40-IP (EOL), CM70-IP, CM71-IP and CM73-IP.

Technical differences

Functionality: CM40 CM40-IP (EOL) CM70-IP/CM71-IP/CM73-IP
20x Zoom
12x Zoom
30x Zoom
Minimal illumination 0.5 LUX 0.5 LUX 0.05 LUX
IP Streaming (H.264/265)
SRT Streaming (Encryption and internet distribution)
Unicast TS mode
High Bitrate streaming up to 40Mbit
Optimized RTP Streaming (Less overhead = faster decoding)
High Speed PTZ mode, ideal for conferencing
Balanced Audio input with audio offset
Unbalanced audio input
Tally light control via IP
User controllable color matrix
3-year warranty

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