Places of worship represents cornerstones of community for a variety of people. In a world where we live increasingly dispersed lives, it can be difficult to keep a community of worship connected. Avonic’s PTZ offerings are key tools in response to this market’s specific needs. The broadcast of sermons and religious ceremonies can help to engage those who are separated by distance or a disability. There are so many ways that religious practices can be enhanced and extended. Avonic cameras are the key solution to unlocking this potential.
There is also great value to be added from the audio-visual recording of ceremonial occasions. During the most important moments in people’s lives people want to be living them, not recording them through a lens themselves. Avonic PTZ cameras allow for a hands-off approach to making memories. Always with crystal clear audio and visual capture.

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CM70 PTZ Cameras include a rich feature set usually found on broadcast-grade equipment, including HD-SDI, a user-adjustable colour matrix and SRT streaming. The sensor delivers Full HD 1080p60 resolution.

The range offers 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom available in black and white. Boasting new features such as Low latency IP with optimized RTSP Speed, Unicast TS mode and High-Speed Pan/Tilt mode it is the ideal integration camera suitable for any AV project. 

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